About BASA

What is BASA?

What is BASA?

 Barrington Area Soccer Association is a recreational soccer league for kids aged seven to nineteen.  Games are played in Shelburne, Barrington, and Par en Bas depending on age ranges.  Our philosophy is fun first, winning comes second.  As the kids work hard and play hard, we are working hard to grow our league with them.  Soccer is a major summer sport in Nova Scotia, and is played competitively across the province.  

In the Under 8 and Under 10 division, we are fostering the love for the game.  By Under 13 games are more competitive, but still follow the Fair Play Guidelines.  We are a recreational league and our mission is to play and develop soccer as a healthy and FUN activity for all involved.  BASA is designed to give the kids a foundation to be able to play more competitively as they move through the age ranges.  But even in soccer, they must walk before they can run.

To the spectators, please remember we are a volunteer organization and keep that in mind and give the refs and players some leeway. If there is an issue with any part of the game, please follow the contact us page for a resolution.  

Enjoy the season and let's have fun playing "The Beautiful Game"