Playing Summer Soccer


By signing up for summer soccer, you the player agree to try your hardest to be the best player FOR the team that you can be.  Making sure you have the right gear, water to stay hydrated, and an eagerness to learn from other players as well as your coach will help you have a great season.  

Although we keep score of the games, wins and losses only truly count in the opening and closing tournaments. 

What Makes A Soccer Player...

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Certain soccer players are blessed with natural ability, but even that doesn’t guarantee soccer success. You need to work hard to become a good soccer player, both on and off the field. You also need to have a love for the game that keeps you motivated when things aren’t going your way.


A good soccer player must have a strong command of all the necessary skills. The exact skill set depends on your position, but all players need to possess good ball control and passing abilities. You don’t need to be the most skillful or stylish player on the field to succeed in the game. You should practice every single day - if you practice the fundamental soccer skills regularly, you will soon stand out from the crowd.


A full soccer match requires stamina, and a good soccer player needs to play at close to his peak performance for the entire game. If your fitness levels are low, both you and your abilities will slowly decline during 90 minutes of play. 


Long-term success in the game requires a positive attitude. Scouts wouldn't just look for the most skillful young players, they also look for determined, passionate and strong-willed players.




Soccer is a team sport, so you need to work well with your teammates. You also need to listen to your coach’s instructions and follow the game plan. Don’t be afraid to show off your individual skills during a match. But remember that selfishness on the pitch is unlikely to win you any praise or popularity.


Discipline is important on and off the soccer field. On the field, you must respect the laws of the game and the referee’s decisions. 


Good players have a certain type of intelligence, an attribute often referred to as having a good “soccer brain.” In “Qualities of a Soccer Player,” the FC Alliance highlights six areas that make up a player’s knowledge of the game. These are positional play; vision; awareness; instinctive reaction; adaptability and inventiveness. You will develop these characteristics through match experience. You can also improve your soccer brain by watching professional soccer. Pay attention to the finer details of the game, keeping a close eye on star players who play in your chosen position.