2022 BASA Summer Soccer Teams

Teams will be divided according to the age ranges below.  If there are not enough registrants in one division, combined teams will be made accordingly. 

Teams will then be divided as follows:

1.  Coaches names are written on a full sheet of paper
2.  Coaches children are assigned to their team
3.  Players names are written on pieces of papers to be sorted into first year and second year in their age range
4.  Rookies and experience players will then be sorted within the groups
5.  All players will then be divided equally in a blind draft.  
6.  Once all names are divided, teams will be reviewed to ensure equal numbers of males and females and that any driving requirements are met.

It is important to undertand that by mixing up the players, kids get to learn to interact with different people outside of their everyday life.  This helps them build character, communication skills, and make friends.

All teams will be divided by the Board of Directors, and all travel requirements will be reviewed to ensure that no child is left behind.